Can you think of anything your company would love to make lighter, stronger or more durable?  


  1. Composite Structures - Lighter weight than aluminum and stronger than steel:

    • Lower cost wind mills

    • Stronger buildings and bridges

    • Lighter weight motorcycles, cars, trucks, trains, etc.

  1. Ceramic Engines & Parts - Ceramic parts can operate at higher temperatures compared to aluminum, steel or alloys making the whole system more fuel efficient with less emissions.
    • Rocker arms & connecting rods
    • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  1. Sporting Equipment - numerous applications for composites:

    • Boats – motorized, canoes, kayaks (frame and skin material)

    • Camping equipment – frames for tents, backpacks, tree stands

    • Golf clubs (both shaft and head), skis, baseball bats

    • Frames & parts for ATV’s, golf carts, scooters

  1. Ceramic Gears, Bearings & Tooling - Wear parts that are conventionally made out of materials such as steel can now be made from low cost composite materials. This is now feasible thru significantly improved fracture toughness and elimination of process steps to reduce costs.
    • Drill Bits - drill faster, farther and at lower cost
    • Bearings and Gears that last longer